In 1997, after several years of sitting in with his Mom and Dad's band, Southern Harvest (and other various bands in the Tampa Bay area), Michael Allen decided to form his own band when Southern Harvest took a break.

SH’s drummer Charlie Towriss joined with Michael and they quickly recruited lead guitarist Lester Reed and Rebel Pride’s bassist Sean Sullivan. After deciding to be five pieces, the newly formed band acquired the area’s well known steel player, Ron Rush. Darkhorse’s first gig was Valentine’s Day, at The Koala Republic.

The name Darkhorse took a little while to find.
The guys were trying different names like Coyote, Stetson, Nashville Bound (and so many others). But none seemed quite right until one night on the way to rehearsal; Charlie said he had found the name ..... " Darkhorse ".

The name couldn’t have been more perfect. It had all of the qualities that Michael was searching for. Trying to put a first rate band together in, what was at the time, an extremely competitive genre of music in the Bay area and being the new band (or “underdog”), had lots of challenges ahead.

Over the years the band has had many, many different performers.
The current group of musicians is the cream of the crop! Michael along with his longtime partner in crime Bruce Rhodes, on Lead Guitar, Ray Catterton on drums, John Cianco on the bass guitar, and the newest member also on Lead Guitar, Tom Write.
Darkhorse is now riding higher than ever!

More to come…………
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